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Bluedge has a suite of business workshops that are tailored to suit every business need.  Developing skills is focus on business improvement, growth and profits.
Our workshop facilitators are leaders in their fields.  They bring practical real world know how and skill you and your team to execute the workshop outcomes.  We understand that customers are the life blood of any business and engaging and transacting with them is the key to your business success and growth.



Grow Your Business

Sales Training Workshops

The sales cycle
Relationship Management/ Building rapport with clients
How to utilise USP’s (Unique Selling Point) in a sales environment
Understanding customers/clients purchasing cycles
Placing customer’s goals, problems and needs first
Reducing cost of sale
Increase forecasting accuracy
Improving selling skills that impact the bottom line

Sales Coaching

Peak performance development
Key drivers to success, professionally & personally
Development of skills

Team Meeting


“Communication – The meaning of communication is the response it elicits”

To be successful in any part of our lives -personal or professional, it is essential that one has excellent interaction skills.

Our effective communication & negotiation workshop is designed to provide you with the essential skills that are required to be able to communicate and negotiate effectively and appropriately in either a personal or business atmosphere for that interaction to be successful.


​Our interactive workshop will provide you with key tools that are needed to be able to communicate with colleagues, clients, friends and family in a much more positive, confident and impactful manner.

We will teach you to become more self aware and to understand emotional intelligence, and how to use it effectively in order to avoid misunderstandings and recurring mistakes.

Through lots of practical exercises, discussions and role plays we will provide you with essential communication and negotiation skills to improve your interactions and lead a much more fulfilled life.


Defining communication and effective communication

Discovering and using active listening skills

Building confidence in order to persuade and negotiate effectively

Developing Influencing and conflict management strategies

The art of framing and persuasion

Developing techniques for joint decision making

Learning the impact of body language and tone and how to use these effectively

Developing your own communication style

Developing your action plan in order to make your communication more effective in any aspect of your life

Customer Service


First Impressions……. are the only ones that count

Every business wants to make a lasting impression on their customers. To make a positive impression is what counts.  Our workshop will empower and guide you on how to create the relationship between your customers and your business a strong, long lasting relationship.

It is essential that employees know the skills required to be able to engage fully with their customers.  Building  rapport creates the ability to retain customers, providing customers with excellent customer service keeps them loyal.

Our aim will be to provide you with key customer service skills and principals that will ensure that every customer leaves with a smile at your business. We will train your staff to be customer-focused, team –orientated and to be self aware in order to provide unforgettable customer service that will leave your customers satisfied and content with their interaction with your business.

Workshop objectives:

Establishing a powerful first impression
Developing an understanding of emotional intelligence and how to apply it
How to deal with difficult customers
Building a strong rapport and trust with customers
Acquiring excellent active listening skills and empathy to deal with customers
Conflict management skills
Dealing with difficult customers and taking ownership
Complaints resolution
Creating customer loyalty
Understanding customer needs, wants and expectations
Developing techniques to ensure repeat business

Digital social media


Connecting Customers to Sales

The key to every successful business, is how well it stands out from the crowd. The workshops will help you define the crucial aspects that are required to grow your business using clever marketing. It is essential that you are up to date and using the latest strategies and tactics to ensure your business is a known business.



Learn processes that will help you complete market research

Learn clear, concise and organised ways to present offers to the market

Develop instrumental key strategies to source clients

Using finances effectively on the correct targets

Building your own distinctive brand

Learning to stand out in a competitive market and keeping up with the current trends

How to reach your target market and attracting new clients

Develop powerful marketing strategies to make a dynamic impact

Male Speaker


“Communication – The meaning of communication is the response it elicits”

To be a able to give a successful presentation, one has to be able to inspire , be confident and be very effective in the art of public speaking. We believe that in order to inspire others, it is essential that you possess confidence in yourself to deliver informative, persuasive and dynamic presentations that provoke thought amongst the target audience.



Developing an awareness of effective and positive body language and eye contact techniques and gestures

Overcoming nerves and fears to speak and present with confidence

Developing excellent verbal and non verbal communication strategies, and walking patterns on stage

Ensuring that your message has been delivered in the manner intended

Engaging the target audience and handling questioning

Using effective and dynamic presentation tools

Learning to present and speak with clarity, composure and confidence

Understanding different learning styles

Ensuring you prepare high impact , dynamic and thorough presentations and speeches every time.

Business People Applauding


Teamwork makes business sound like a symphony

Every company needs a strong, capable and dynamic team that works together to achieve excellent results for the company. For this process to occur, it is essential that the members in the team understand, support and communicate effectively with one another.



Increase communication between team members to create stronger relationships

Creating a harmonious work environment

Developing an understanding of one’s own and other team members personality types

Managing and dealing with conflict

Understanding each other’s and one’s own strengths and working styles

Learn effective ways to strengthen team through productive decision making techniques

Develop strategies to reduce stress in themselves and others

Build team cohesion, increase productivity and meet team goals

Developing work-life balance and valuing innovation and change

Build staff retention and job satisfaction through creating a positive environment in the workplace